My Favourite 6 Business Tools

It’s fair to say life is busy and life as a Virtual Assistant is very busy.

I’m sure you know by now I’m a big believer in making your business work for you, and very much strive towards achieving a good work-life balance. Therefore, it’s imperative that my business is streamlined, automated and as organised as possible. I want my business to be as efficient as possible!

No two days are the same as a Virtual Assistant. From Dubsado setups, email management, social media management, website creation to copywriting services and much more. A lot of plates are spinning in the Nadine Hassan VA office, and one of the biggest tasks of a Virtual Assistant is ensuring all client’s projects are on track.

As a Virtual Assistant specialising in the wedding industry I’ve tested out many business tools over the years, working with a range of different clients from wedding photographers, videographers, cake makers, wedding florists and many more.  In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my favourite online business tools that you can start using in your business today! Many of these tools help to streamline and organise your business processes. And guess what, most of them are free!

So, here are my Favourite 6 Business Tools:


Dubsado, Dubsado, Dubsado. Not only do I offer Dubsado Setup Services, Dubsado is the number one tool I use within my business. I love Dubsado and all it has to offer. Dubsado in my opinion is one of the best business management tools and Customer Relationship Management systems. Dubsado helps to automate and streamline your business, all whilst improving your customer journey and customer experience. Dubsado really is a business game-changer, check out my Introduction To Dubsado blog post to learn more of the benefits and features available.

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Trello is a fantastic project management system which is very accessible and easy to use. I highly recommend Trello for busy wedding professionals, especially wedding photographers and videographers who travel all around the UK and internationally regularly. The Trello App is fantastic, meaning Trello is very accessible when working remotely. Trello uses a ‘board’ and ‘card’ system, which allows you to organise work and workflows. A fantastic option for keeping on-top of that never ending to-do list.


Canva is my go-to tool for anything creative and design-led. All social media posts are created and designed in Canva. I do have a paid version of Canva, but the free version is equally just as good. The paid version is Canva has many more features, such as creating branded guidelines so that all content is cohesive.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free data storage service that allows you to store any business documents and share files with any collaborators or clients. I love working on Microsoft documents, mainly Word and Excel, knowing that these are automatically saved regularly and that no work can be lost. All of the teams folders are organised, so that any key documents can be accessed by members of the team.


Planoly is my favourite social media planning and scheduling tool for social content across Instagram and Pinterest. Planoly also schedules content for Facebook and Twitter. Planoly is great for visual planning and has a great function of dragging and dropping posts to create a beautiful and cohesive social media feed, something that is very important for wedding professionals. When your ideal client clicks on your Instagram feed you want them to be wowed!

As part of our Social Media Planning Services, we highly recommend a paid version of Planoly due to the extensive benefits.


Loom is a video messaging tool that allows you to record your camera, microphone and screen simultaneously. Once the video has been recorded it’s instantly available to share via Loom. It’s a great tool for recording short ‘How To Videos’, especially at the end of Dubsado setups.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and have some insights into new tools that are available for your business, allowing you more time and freedom to do the things that you love. Please get in touch to book your free consultation call if you are looking for a UK Wedding Virtual Assistant or Dubsado Expert, I love nothing more than hearing from you.

Speak to you soon!

Nadine x