Dubsado Business Transformation Case Study With Luxury Wedding Florist

Today’s blog post is one-of-a-kind and a new blog series I’m excited to share with you. her business organised.

Please allow me to introduce the Dubsado Case Study Series. A new part of the blog that focuses on client case studies who use Dubsado in their business and are seeing amazing results using this incredible business tool.

As I’m sure you know by now Dubsado is a huge part of my business. Mainly as part of my Virtual Assistant Services (VA Services) but I also use and love Dubsado in my own business at Nadine Hassan. Dubsado is one of the best systems I’ve ever worked with. In 2021, I become a certified Dubsado specialist, meaning I’ve completed Dubsado in-house training and tests bringing even more knowledge and experience to the table.

One of the best aspects of my job is transforming my client’s businesses and helping them automate and streamline their processes to become more efficient! I’m an extremely organised individual and I love nothing more than helping my clients get organised. Running a business is hard work and it seems that the to-do list never ends. But I’m a huge believer in making your business work for you. Ultimately, achieving that all-important work-life balance.

Can you imagine having a system that improves your customer journey and customer experience, implements efficient processes with automations, all whilst working smarter?

Dubsado is a business game changer! Want to find out more? Take a read of Introduction to Dubsado blog post where I discuss the main benefits and features of Dubsado.

Dubsado can transform your business. Just like it did for my client Daisy Hoban Floral Design. I started working with Daisy back in 2019 when Daisy originally booked Nadine Hassan VA Services. It soon become apparent that certain aspects of the business needed to be automated. Daisy was spending hours deep in admin, sending the same email over and over again, chasing payments and all the ‘boring’ admin jobs of running a business. Something needed to change, and for Daisy, workflows transformed her business. Daisy booked my Dubsado Setup Services and straight away loved the idea of workflows using automations and getting her business organised.

“Nadine had so many fantastic ideas to save time and stress, so I can concentrate on the areas of my business I love. Dubsado has elevated my business and client journey.”

– Daisy, Daisy Hoban Floral Design.


Dubsado Business Transformation With Luxury Wedding Florist Daisy Hoban Floral Design

Daisy Hoban is a luxury wedding florist based in the vibrant city of Leeds, Yorkshire. Daisy and her team specialise in luxury wedding florals, but with a twist, luxury in technicolour. Ideal clients consist of couples who are creative and want their wedding florals to make an impact, a colourful impact and showcase what nature has to offer. Daisy is an art enthusiast and loves all things colour. It’s fair to say, working on this Dubsado project was extremely fun.

It’s time to grab a cuppa or wine, and have a read Daisy’s Dubsado interview, the first Dubsado Case Study.

So, let’s get started and review the why.

Why did you want to implement Dubsado into your wedding floristry business?

“My business was growing fast and quite honestly I was keeping track of admin either on paper or very very very basic spreadsheets. I was keen to implement a better way of working before I made a mistake, missed something, or got overwhelmed. Other florists I know have worked alongside Nadine, use Dubsado and I heard lots of good things.”

What was the business like before you implemented Dubsado?

“Overwhelming! I was spending all my time trying to keep up with emails, chasing payments, asking for reviews or panicking I had missed things. Wedding season was quite stressful and chaotic, and I knew I needed to streamline it all asap.”

How has Dubsado improved your business?

“I have so much more time available, I can actually have a day off. I can relax knowing that everything is in one place when I want to check on a client’s booking. It looks so much more professional with all the branded workflows and my clients have a better experience with everything being so organised. I wish I had done it right at the start and saved myself 2 years of stress!”

What’s your favourite function of Dubsado?

“The automated workflows and the dashboard. Also, it’s amazing to see my whole year in one place and what my finances are looking like, it’s very rewarding to see everything in one place.”

What’s next for Daisy Hoban Floral Design and will Dubsado be part of your future business plans?

“Dubsado will forever be part of my business. I’m starting to expand my marketing on other channels such as Pinterest and scaling my services to offer lighting and styling alongside the florals.”

What does a typical working day look like for you?

“Coffee, mum mode with my darling toddler balanced with emails, client briefs and floral planning.”

Where do you find your inspiration?

“Nature, I love being out in nature and this is where I think a lot about my floral designs. My business inspiration comes from wanting to live my best life and give my family as many opportunities as I can. Dubsado is helping with the work-life balance right now.”

Any further comments about Dubsado?

“I would highly recommend having someone so experienced in the technology, like Nadine. Nadine was invaluable and only ever an email away.”

Working with Daisy on her Dubsado setup was an amazing experience! We spent time reviewing the business, strategy and step-by-step client process and discussed ways in which to improve the overall customer journey. Dubsado has been a business game-changer for Daisy, who now regularly enjoys days off and being able to switch off from her business. Something I’m sure many wedding florists, wedding photographers and videographers only dream of.

If you are looking to automate and streamline your business processes with Dubsado then please get in touch to discuss how we can work together. A range of Dubsado Services are available including Dubsado Setup or Dubsado Workflow Strategy Sessions. Book in for your discovery call today to chat about all things Dubsado.

Nadine x


A special thank you to Daisy Hoban Floral Design for featuring in this blog post and Kirsty Mattsson Photography for the gorgeous branded photography.