Dubsado Guest Interview with

Ellie Norman

Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

Hello! I can’t believe we are well into 2023.

I know many of my friends and business peers, have set new goals to become more organised in their businesses. In such a busy and online world, there are lots of options and solutions available to help you become more organised. Whether it’s by creating a to-do list online, using a project management system and setting achievable deadlines, or simply using a physical diary, I mean, who doesn’t love pen and paper? It’s important to find a solution that works for you, and one you know you will stick at.

I’m excited to share today’s blog post with you, which features one of my lovely clients Ellie Norman of Ellie Norman MUA. Ellie is a professional bridal hair and make-up artist based in Cambridgeshire who specialises in sheer, glowy and beautiful bridal looks.

Ellie like many of us previously worked from a diary, and iPhone to-do list and found she was quickly getting lost amongst all the admin involved in running a business. Ellie knew it was time to get organised before wedding season started and provide her brides with great customer service.

Have a read of how Dubsado has changed Ellie Norman MUA business and how it could improve your business too.


The Projects

Ellie reached out to me following a few recommendations in the wedding supplier industry and loved the style of my work. Originally, we completed a website project together where we refreshed the current website, improved SEO, and created a more cohesive and professional brand. After this, we discussed implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as Ellie wanted to provide her clients with the best possible experience and ensure all communication and systems were in harmony together.

Before implementing Dubsado Ellie felt she was very much chasing her tail, constantly. Ellie was spending hours and hours on admin-related tasks and never had any time for anything else.


“Dubsado has been a complete lifesaver! I only have to check in now and again on the admin side of my business and Dubsado does the rest for me. Dubsado has been one of the best investments in my business. I feel my clients get the very best from me personally while receiving a 5-star customer journey!”


Ellie now has more time to focus on social media, and life outside of work, creating a more balanced work-life balance.

Ellies favourite function of Dubsado is having the email templates all in one place and having bespoke proposals tailored for clients. “Nadine did such a wonderful job creating my packages and presenting them so beautifully layout-wise. She mirrored everything from my website to my proposals on Dubsado which I loved!”.

Ellie also mentioned that clients are very impressed with Dubsado too. Ellies brides loved that they have their customer profile to view all of their forms for their Bridal Hair & Make Up, can see all upcoming payments, and other details instead of rummaging through threads of emails.
Nadine is just incredible! She listens and is passionately driven to give her clients the very best. Nadine has been an absolute star and so patient with me! Thank you for helping with my new beautiful website and setting up my Dubsado.” Ellie Norman of Ellie Norman MUA.

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Nadine x

Photography by Gareth Jones Photography.