Meet The Nadine Hassan Team

Hello and welcome! Welcome back…

The response to my first blog post has been amazing and I felt it was important to write an introductory blog post, so you can get to know the team at Nadine Hassan.

So, without further ado… I’m Nadine Hassan, a UK Certified Dubsado Professional and UK Virtual Assistant specialising in the wedding and creative industry. I help entrepreneurs streamline and automate their businesses by creating more efficient processes. Before founding the Nadine Hassan business in 2016, I was an Executive Secretary for KPMG in London and previously worked in the Recruitment World.

I’ve been offering VA and Executive Assistant services for over 10-years across a range of services. I love what I do and love that every day in the office is different. I typically work with wedding photographers and videographers, wedding florists, and wedding hair and make-up artists, I love the diversity of my client portfolio and how different every business is.

My why is to help business owners create more time and freedom to run the business of their dreams, living the life of their dreams. Something I’m strongly driven by.

I believe it’s important to work smarter, not harder! 

My goal is to help make your business work for you, to help you achieve a good work life balance all whilst ensuring your processes are as efficient as possible. I help business owners achieve their goals, to achieve that never-ending to-do list and create a good work-life balance. A work-life balance we’ve all been looking for, right?

I love getting to know my clients, understanding their why and reviewing business processes. I love nothing more than helping my clients get organised by streamlining business processes to be more productive and efficient.

Nadine Hassan Services

In October 2021, I proudly become a Certified Dubsado Specialist. This means my Dubsado knowledge has been tried, tested and verified by the team at Dubsado. Here at Nadine Hassan we offer a range of professional services including: Full Dubsado Setup, Dubsado Workflow Strategy Session, Social Media Management and Copywriting Service.

Get To Know Nadine

I live in a lovely little village in Northamptonshire with my wonderful husband and gorgeous Son. We moved out of London to escape to the country, and apart from missing close friends, I’ve never looked back. I’m well travelled and a fun fact, between the ages of two to four I lived in Germany as my Dad was in the Army.

I love coffee, candles, beautiful blooms and a good old-fashioned pretty notepad and pen. There is no better feeling than getting everything ticked off your to-do list with a pretty pen. My weekends consist of quality time with my family, catching up with friends, getting my head down in a great book, sipping from a good bottle of wine and getting organised for the week ahead.

Copywriting Services

The team at Nadine Hassan is growing and an amazing copywriter has recently joined the team. Please allow me to introduce Katie Stocks. Katie has over 5 years’ experience in the wedding industry, working alongside her wedding planning business, Katie is armed with a wealth of industry knowledge. Katie is my go-to content queen, specialising in social media content, blog posts and website content.

Katie and I work together very closely on the Full Dubsado Setup Services, creating bespoke client emails and content focusing on our clients customer journey and experience.

So, in a nutshell that’s us… We can’t wait to get to know you!

Join me soon where I’ll be sharing an Introduction to Dubsado and the main benefits for your business. Get in touch today to discover how I can help automate and streamline your business.

Nadine x

Photography Credits

Nadine Portfolio Photography: Andy Commons Photography & Katie Portfolio Photography: David Christopher Photography