Welcome back! It’s been a busy start to 2023 and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some incredible Dubsado projects. Most days you’ll find me at my desk sipping away on a (strong) coffee, creating pure magic in Dubsado. As you know by now I love the whole process from start to finish, but there’s no better feeling than presenting the completed project and seeing the light shine in my client’s eyes. 

I’ve recently just finished a Dubsado Setup for a very beautiful wedding florist, and her actual words were “WOW! I feel speechless, this is beyond anything I ever imagined. I can’t wait to use this new and beautiful proposal design”. Enter client name and business name here. 

At the start of this Dubsado build, we narrowed down “enter business name” client process and customer touch points. This is a must to create efficient workflows in Dubsado. 


Which has brought me on nicely to my next blog post… 


What Is A Dubsado Workflow?

Workflows are a powerful Project Management tool that allows you to automate your client processes. By implementing workflows into your Dubsado process you can send automated emails, and forms, send any contacts and invoices, schedule consultation calls and so much more. 

Workflows help you create automated tasks so you can set up a project to run on its own. In basic terms Dubsado workflows allow you to complete a series of automated steps to complete a task. Quite frankly, one of the best aspects of Dubsado! Workflows stop any duplication of work all whilst creating more time. More time to work on your business instead of in your business with those boring and mundane admin tasks. 



Favourite Dubsado Workflow Features;



As expected, a Dubsado Todo creates a reminder. Dubsado todos are very helpful and valuable in your workflow process. This function allows you to send any reminders of manual admin tasks such as general project tasks, arranging a consultation call or sending and chasing invoices and much more.  


Canned Emails

Canned emails allow you to work smarter and not harder. Many small busy business owners spend hours upon hours rewriting the same emails over and over. As part of the Dubsado implementation process not only can you personalise your emails, these emails are automatically sent when triggered. 


Send Forms

Another automated function of Dubsado workflows is the ability to send any forms at a specific time relevant to your client. For example, as a wedding florist, you could send an initial questionnaire that needs to be completed by the couple before your consultation call. Quick email reminders can be scheduled to remind clients to complete any necessary forms. A very organised way of working that not only looks incredibly professional but is incredibly efficient too. 


Update & Change Project Status

A personal favourite which allows you to automatically change the project status, bringing you one step closer to the final step. 


I’d love to hear from you if you’re looking to implement Dubsado in your business. With a range of different services available at Nadine Hassan there’s something for every business owner, from full Dubsado setup to strategy calls, and even the last-minute tweaks and final aspects. 

Join me soon for more behind-the-scenes Dubsado tips and tricks that can help streamline and automate your business. 

Nadine x