Top Reasons Why Wedding Suppliers Should Have A Blog

One of my most frequently asked questions is do I need a blog? In summary, yes.

Most of my Virtual Assistant and Dubsado clients specialise in the wedding industry. Whether you are a wedding photographer, wedding florist, or another wedding supplier your marketing strategy should include a blog. Weddings are extremely visual, couples love nothing more than seeing a recent portfolio of work of real weddings and what better way to showcase your fabulous portfolio than a beautiful blog post? Show off that wedding portfolio!

The main benefits of blogging is to increase your visibility, but there are many other advantages too so… Here are my Top Reasons Why Wedding Suppliers Should Have A Blog!


First up on the list, SEO!

As already highlighted having a blog is one of the more efficient ways to quickly and easily increase your visibility. Google loves websites that are frequently updated. A blog is a fantastic way to regularly update your website, and a relatively easy process too. Google needs to know your website is active. The more you blog and use your relevant keywords, the easier it will be to rank in Google. After all, don’t we all want to be on page one of Google?

Value & Trust

People love value… so add value. A blog post is one of the most effective ways to speak to your ideal audience. Why not write a blog post of your most frequency asked questions? Be resourceful and think about all the questions your clients ask you on a regular basis. Be an expert in your field by offering value to your audience.

A blog can help build trust with your ideal audience. By offering valuable information, it will help create trust. People buy from people, people they like, trust and know. If a potential customer trusts you, they are more likely to buy from you by booking your wedding services.

Drives Social Media Traffic

Oh, a very good reason to blog but only if used correctly.

When you published a blog post, you want to share and shout about this post in as many places as possible. Reuse this content as much as possible. Social media platforms are a great way to showcase your new and exciting blog post. Share it on your Instagram feed and stories, tag relevant businesses and ask them to share the post as well. Perhaps you could even create a short video or reel for Instagram too.

Also, don’t forget Pinterest. Pinterest is an incredible platform to generate website clicks, which will help improve your websites ranking and SEO.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation = new business!

Be sure to have a newsletter subscription box on your website and blog pages. Capture email addresses and add these to your newsletter contacts. Let your audience know when you’ve published a new blog post. Again, sharing value and resourceful information will help with the know, like and trust process.

Free Marketing

Now who doesn’t love from Marketing and PR? Once you’ve purchased your website and annual domain, essentially any new website pages and blog posts are free, so utilise this free resource as much as possible.

As busy wedding professionals your time is already stretched to the max, I get it. At Nadine Hassan a range of Copywriting and Blogging Services are available, aimed at wedding suppliers like you. Please get in touch by booking a free consultation call to discuss outsourcing your blog posts or Dubsado builds.

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